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Today I will help and guide you to find the best bedroom furniture for kids. If you have come across this post I am sure you must be the parent of children or parent to be. Bedroom is the private space of everyone and relax station. Where we sleep and relax after going throughout a day. Along with furniture I have also covered the furnishing items needed to furnished their room. To look more attractive and childish according to their nature.

kids bedroom furniture set

You have too keep in mind while designing your children bedroom. That is the kid’s bedroom is their small playground. Where they will play and enjoy the vibe of the room without getting bored of it. Let’s see some funtastic ideas to docor the kid’s room.

Ideas for children bedroom furniture design.

kids bedroom furniture design

Children like and get attracted to the bright colors not a neutral so you must make their room interior theme colorful. Paint the wall like shown in picture that will see interesting and eye catching. Not only the furniture but also the furnishing items should be colorful that will match with whole room.

best kid bedroom design

If you have 2 children then this design is perfect for you. 2 beds of single size and that is enough for kids. The room has small space but the room design in such a way that it looks very perfect managed room. Here used the colorful furnishing items suitable for kids body and nature too.

kids bedroom

Note: More than furniture ,furnishing items play big role in kids bedroom design.

If the room size is quite enough then try to accumulate the space because the empty space will get bored to them. Add some cartoon sticker or poster. I think no one children on this planet will don’t like the cartoon. As you are parents you must know their habits and nature . Design their room by keeping it in mind. Also add there a study desk so they can be study in their room too.

small space bedroom design

Bunk beds are the kids bed. They are made for each other. These are build with the metals have the superior quality and less chances of brake down. On these easily 2 childs can fit. If the room having small space then these are the perfect beds. Design of these are also childish that any child will like to use this.

girly kids bedroom design

This pink theme for bedroom is perfect for girl. Because the pink is girly color. And they liked it also. You can add all the items in room in the shade of pink . That ultimately match with each other. If you will search for same design you can’t get but if you want customize furniture design you can hire the car painters and design as you want.

Best bed for kids on Amazon.

single size bed

1.Single size black metal bed.

Single size bed will be the best for kid. You can convert this simple bed in childish bed by applying colorful mattress or linen on it.


  • Made of metal mild steel.
  • Don’t have sharp edge.
  • Available in all size king, queen and single.

single size bed

2. Sheesham wooden single size bed.

The bed can be used by kids or adults too . Because of it build quality . It is made up of solid wooden. Hence it can be carry maximum weight.


  • Made up of best quality sheesham wood.
  • Look very natural like customize made by carpainter.

bunk beds for kids

3.Bunk beds best for kids.

Bunk beds are made for kids. The bed is completely floors in it self. This can be used by two kids. Best alternatives for separate rooms for two kids is bunk bed. Enough space for both. They will be feel like rooms on these bed. Surely buy this for your kids. If they fights with each other in same room.

Best features:

  • .Having load capacity of 60 kg for each bunk. Which is more than enough.
  • Don’t have any sharp edges for kids safety.
  • 3 Years warrenty on manufacturing defets.

Check more designs of bunk beds.

queen size bed for 2 kids

4. Queen size bed ..

If the room has enough space . You can bring the queen size bed in your room to accumulated space and use it for sleeping 2 people. Your 2 childs easily fit on this type of bed. And sleep freely.


  • Having enough space to sleep for 2 people. Whether kids or adults.
  • Made up of wooden so carry maximum weight without damage.

The best mattress for children.

In above section we have covered the best beds for kids bedroom. Now we will see the mattress to cover their bed at the same time look like childish . Let’s see some best options for kids mattress.

best mattress foir kids

1.Cozy coir mattress for single size bed.

This is medium firm mattress. Provide much supports to the body. Mede up of two layers that provide firmness to it.

memory foam mattress for kids

2 Sleepy cat original layered memory foam mattress.

The mattress is made up of 3 layers. For comfort your body. That layers are

  • Gel memory foam
  • Base and supportive layers
  • Top cover

anti bacterial mattress

3.Anti bacterial orthopaedic mattress.

The mattress has outer cover which do protect from from bacteria bed bugs. This keep protects to the sleepers body. As this is certified as a health guard mattress. Having comfort land support layers which gives comforts and the supports to the sleeper.

Surely checkout this mattress at amazon.

Along with bed and mattress you need to furnish the kids room to look perfect kids bedroom.

Kids bedroom furnishing items.


Bedsheet and pillows are most important furnishing items in any room. Whether it adult’s room or kid’s. These items will give more childish look to their room.

mattress for kids

The perfect bedsheet design for kids bed. This colorful design will surely like them. You will get t options in this bedsheet to choose among them.

bed mattress for kids

Bedsheet with elephant printing on it and made with the 100% cotton fabric.

Check more design of bedsheets for your kids bedroom here.

Pillows for kids.

Pillows are the important to sleep right. Keeping the head on it . Should be fell comfort and relaxing . You must be choose the pillows that will be soft and give the comfort to sleepers head. In specially kids their head need to be more protected than any other. Firstly you need to be choose the pillow according to their choice if they like toys bring out these types of pillow .So they will be like and use it carefully an correctly.

Cartoon printed cushion pillow

Cartoon printed pillows for kids.

These types of pillows will surely like them. And will be use them.

Get this pillow on amazon.

Elephant cushion pillow

Elephant soft toy cushion pillow.

This is washable fabric so you can wash this time to time to maintain the hygine and protect your baby.

Get this pillow on amazon.

FAQ- Kids bedroom furniture.

What is the difference between kids and adults furniture?

Since there is not much difference between their furniture. But yes they differ little bit. Their sizes , and color combinations are much different because the kids don’t like neutral they want colorful and printed furniture. As the normal room has very normal design and simple neutral colors

How to manage small space kids bedroom furniture?

You can mange the space by bringing the furniture according to the size of room. EX single bed is perfec for small space room If you buy king size or queen size . Then it will be difficult to mange the space between.

I hope yours all doubts get cleared in this post . If didn’t then comment below .I will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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