Best mattress under 10000 INR.

Mattress is at first priority in the bedroom furniture essentials. It is important to choose the best mattress within a budget. Because the market of this is very wide. Finding the affordable and good one its become difficult task for us. But don’t worry if you come across this post you will find satisfying advice and recommendations for the mattress. We will discuss the best mattress under 10000 on amazon with high rating and best selling.

Since mattress comes in very different forms and types. Let’s see what are types of mattress available in market.

Types of mattress.

  1. Coir mattress
  2. Memory foam mattress.
  3. Orthopaedic Mattress
  4. Foam Mattress
  5. Spring Mattress

As the bed comes in different size mattress are also come in same size. To fit on it.

Single, double , king and queen are the basic sizes of mattress.

Facts about mattress.

  • Any good quality of mattress will long last maximum for 5-6 years after that you have to change it. It can made you sick and getting you in trouble.
  • If you are facing pain in your back. You must go with orthopedic mattress rather than any others.
  • Time to time cleaning and washing can save you from getting sick.

Top 5 mattress under 10000 INR.

In this price range you will get value for money mattress. Economy and midrange mattress comes falls under this price point. And which are very good selling with high rating products. As we Indian always wants budget friendly products without compromise in its quality. That type of products these are I am sure you will like it.

1.Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress.

best mattress

Orthopedic mattress are one of the good type mattress. It supports our back without any problem and pain. This one is from wakefit brand which is stable brand in this industry. Quality of this one you can assured. It have 4.5 star rating out of 5 on amazon . You can check it :

2.SOLARA memory foam mattress at 8999/-only.

budget solara mattress

Temperature regulation is the key feature of memory foam . Cool gel technology used in this mattress which regulates body temperature.

3.Sleepy cat original 3 Layered Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

sleepycat mattress

Top layer of this mattress contours to your body, offering superior spinal support. The open sale structure promotes airflow relieves pressure points, releases trapped heat and keeps you cool all night long.

4.Duroflex LiveIn 2 in 1 Dual Reversible Memory Foam Mattress 

duroflex mattress

Dual Side – A reversible mattress featuring a firm support foam layer on one side and a soft comfort foam on the other. Choose your side for a personalized sleep experience.

5.Wakeup Imperious Medicated memory foam mattress.

White mattress with pillows

Anti allergic and bacteria free these are most important factors and fetures in this mattress. Will get spine support and also will get relief from the back problems which can’t be ignored. Check this high rating mattress on the amazon at very lower price on sale .


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Hence this is the post about the mattress the important part of bedroom furniture . Under 10000 is the budget friendly price most of people can afford and can paid for the quality they get from these brands. Hope you will like it and buy these from amazon.

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