Bosch washing machines.

As the interior and furniture makes home attractive. Complimentry the appliances also plays the main role in home to make work easy of the family members. We are going to talk further one of the top brand in washing machine no doubt which is BOSCH. The bosch washing machine have the finest quality in the washing machine industry.

Do you know BOSCH is one of the top washing machine brands in industry. It is Europian company and leads No 1 appliance brand by turnover. We all Indians have a main focus on the price tag of any products. Whether its necessary or the luxury we play the ticket (MRP) game. Late me tell you the washing machines from the bosch is value for money. The company provide warranty of machines and motors that build the trust and assurance of buying it. Before moving forward let understand the types of washing machines. It comes in various types according to its uses and features.

Types of washing machines and their features.

1.Washer Only:

It has very compacts size so that it fits in any corner of the house. Be it in bathroom , kitchen or even balcony too. It is the main advantage of this kind of machine. As its name it only wash the cloths that mean does not dry the cloths by it.

2.Semi automatic top load:

This type of machines are economical which performs both washing and drying functions.


  • Consumes less power and water as compared to other types.
  • Having separate compartments 1 for washing and second for drying/rinsing.
  • Manual transfer from each other compartments.
  • 3-4 wash programs available

3.Fully automatic top load.

As it name fully automatic it does not require any manual actions all the works can be done by pushing the command button of machines. This type of washing machine need to be kept near a water inlet.


  • Auto back-up memory allows continue wash sequence even after a power cut.

3.Fully automatic front load.

This is one of the most advanced category of the washing machines. This kind of washing machine provide a range of features and are easy to load through the transparent door in the front.

Features :

  • Consumes less electricity and water as compare to top loading machines.
  • Over 100 wash combination for various types of fabrics.
  • Touch screen and LED display available.

4. Dryer Only.

This category of machine having capability of only drying without washing. Specialise in drying better than front load machines.

Features :

  • No dust gems and pollution exposure.
  • Prevent fading to keep clothing look as good as new.

5.Washer dryer.

Washer dryer is a combination of washing machine and a clothes dryer that offers better drying. It smooth out washing cycles so that even ironing is not necessary.


  • Reduce vibration and provide greater stability.
  • No dust , gems and pollution exposure.
  • Prevent fading.

What weight capacity bosch machine should you purchase?

This is the picture clearly showing the load capacity and ideal use for you. According to family members which one you want to bring at home . This question will solve in this fully explained talking picture.

washing machine capacity
Credit : Amazon

Hope this image will help you to find the best washing machine for you. If not comment me down I will reply you within 24 hours with perfect answer.

Top bosch washing machines you must look at.

1.Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Touch Control Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine


7 KG of capacity ideal for families.

Anti Tangle Function – Keep Clothes Free From Tangles & Damage.

Bosch 7 KG washing machine


  • 1200 RPM Spinning Speed For Quick Drying4.5 star rating out of 5
  • Manufacturer Warranty:2 Years on Product, 12 Years on Motor.
  • In build heater .
  • Digital touch control.


  • Chances of break down while unpacking.
  • Complex installation .

This machine have 4.5 ratings and best seller on amazon you can check it now.

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2.Bosch 8 kg 5 Star Touch Control Fully Automatic Front Load with Heater.


8 KG Capacity – suitable for Bigger Families.

Anti Tangle Function – Which Keep Clothes Free From Tangles & Damage.

Anti Vibration Side Panels Reduces Noise & Vibration to Minimum.

bosch fully automatic 8 kg washing machine


  • Rank under top 50 in washing machines.
  • 4.5 rating out of 5.
  • 1200 RPM speed which is the higher.

Cons :

  • Machine weighs quite high.
  • .Stand and outer cover will not provide by company.
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3.Bosch 9 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine.

9 kg inverter washing machine.

About :

Capacity: 9kg,

Maximum spin speed : 1400 rpm,

Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm x 59.0 cm, 32 cm porthole, 165° swing door,

Drum volume: 65L


  • Large capacity of 9 KG
  • Highest RPM of 1400 RPM
  • 4.8 out of 5 star rating .


  • Consumes quite more power as compared to others.
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Hence these are the quite good options for washing machines if you are searching for the better one. Quality will get you of the machines from bosch are very awesome as compared to any other washing machines brands. Brief guide provides you for which situation you want to buy the machines capacity wise. Still if you have doubt regarding to buying washing machine I will answer some FAQ’S (Frequently ask question’s) below. Otherwise comment below this post.


Which washing machine should I buy?

So firstly you must be know what and how you will use the machine. Capacity and usage wise you have to decide what kind of machine you buy. Basically 8 KG of capacity fully automatic washing machines prefers the most people.

Can washing machines dry the cloths?

Not all types of machines will dry cloths but if the machine have the inbuild dryer then it can dry the cloths. Also fully automatic machine dry most of part of the cloths.

Where washing machine should place in home?

Most prefers to keep machine in the bathroom. But according to its functions and capability. You can placed it in kitchen and balcony also.

Before making decesion about buying the machine you should do and understand the use and capcity you want in the machines.


We hope our recommendation regarding the bosch washing machines will satisfy your query and also clears the doubt you have about the various types of washing machines and its functions. If you really searching for the washing machines then I will suggest you to buy it as soon as possible. Because currently there are offers that you can’t avoid and will regret in future. So hurry up and grab the deals.

If you have any suggestion and question feel free to comment down the post. Our team will reply you with satisfy answer within 24 hours.

Thank You!!

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